FORUM Green Smart City - V Edition

New edition of the Green Smart City Forum at the University of Agriculture in Krakow!

The Technology Transfer Center of the University of Agriculture in Krakow with the University Association InnoTechKrak and the Innovation Center of University of Agriculture in Krakow limited liability company will be organizing the V FORUM Green Smart City on 24-25th October 2019. Previous editions gathered a lot of people, hence we are convinced that this year's edition will also be an important event on the conference map of Krakow.

We are open to various proposals, such as an expert speech during the Forum, presentation of the company on a dedicated stand, partnership, patronage and others. Participation in the project means a real impact on the quality of life in our city! We will be delighted to welcome you during this event!

The purpose of the annual event is to exchange information between local government authorities, universities, environmental protection funds, NGOs, entrepreneurs and residents of Małopolska, all interested in Smart City themes and intelligent technologies for cities and villages (Smart Villages).


Summary of the 4th edition of Forum Green Smart City (2018)




Prof. DSc Włodzimierz Sady

Rector of the University of Agriculture Hugo Kołłątaj in Krakow


PhD Tomasz Czech

Director of the Technology Transfer Center


We infite You for the 5th edition of the Forum!



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